Toothless the Night fury.

Toothless is considered Hiccup's best friend in DS(short for Dragon Star).He enjoys spending time with Hiccup and they always fly together, seemingly in sync with one another's movements. But Toothless likes Night. Shadow dislikes Toothless for liking Night. They are rivals.


Toothless appears as a Night Fury in the film and Dragon star, one of the rarest and one of most intelligent species of dragon that there is. He plays a similar role to his book counterpart.


The first time Toothless, Hiccup and Astrid were ever seen was

when the DS team were flying, and suddenly landed somewhere and Astrid and

Hiccup were all like "Your in our territory". Astrid and Hiccup were chasing the D-

S team, later on when Diamond and the others were home(It was shadow's birt-

hday). They attacked and Night was captured. than after Night was back, we so-

metimes fought again.

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