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Selena is Rockhand's and Jasmine's friend at school. She can turn into a snake. Rockhand gave her Chance, a mix fury. She's not seen often. She's mostly seen on monday, the school day. She has a nice house, with a yin and yang pond in back yard. Her father is a dragon hunter so she hides Chance from him.

Selena isn't on DS missions that often she only been on one once. She likes to fly on Chance, She likes flowers(shown in her main picture;flowers in her hair), Her favorite color is red and her second favorite color is violet.

She does not like purple, She doesn't like arguments, she doen't like cauliflower, she's allergic to cats, she doen't like her stuff to be broken and she doesn't like to yell at people and animals.

Selena is quiet in arguments, she smacks bullies but is nice to animals. She's shy to teen boys who are 15 and up.

Chance and Selena were captured by a hidra, and Chance was killed. Rockhand and Jasmine saved her but Chance was still dead. But then a long time later she was grounded( I don't know why) and she was looking out her window, thinking of Chance's death, and so she never really knew about Dragon Heaven(Dragon Heaven is a place for dead dragons, and there is the leader of Dragon Heaven, the Heaven Dragon, that decides if a dragon can go back to earth.Dragons only have three lives)and she killed her self thinking she can see Chance,but it's not true.

We don't know if she's coming back....

Age: 16
Family: The Dragon Hunter(father)
Dragon: Chance
Ability: Forming into a snake.
Birth: March 12
Enemy: Vegeta