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Chance the mix fury

Mix furys are white with blue green fins and wings. Most are cranky and aggressive over their territory.

Chance when they were fighting the red death.

Mix furys are rare.Mix furys will eat almost anything(like other furys).Mix furys are enemy's towards night fury's.


                 Males are more aggressive than females,but  females are far more stronger than males. Females are stronger than males because they protect the young. Males may be weaker than females, but they are still pretty strong. But males are at there strongest during mating season.


Mix fury's wings flap faster than night fury.They flap 5 times faster.They can run fast on ground, but not as fast in air.They are 89 miles per hour.Males and females are the same speed, though. But the fastest dragon is the emerald dragon.


Mix furys mating season is May 1th to July 21th. Only the uninjured Mix furys are only to mate.

Males(like all other male animals) fight other males for females.They compete in size first.They raise there hackles and stretch out there wings.Females are more impressed for bigger male mix furys.The smaller male fury attacks the bigger one.Most of the time the much bigger ones win in the size comparson. But before they fight, they have a fire-ball contest.

After the fighting/contests they mate.


They are very rare.They are usually killed by death dragons.Yes, most mix fury's are harder,better,faster,stronger than night furys. But sometimes there "are" such thing as stronger night furys. There are more male mix furys than females. They are also killed by hunters(like selena's Dad,the dragon hunter).

A female mix fury