Eragon the Light fury

Eragon is white with grey spike like things(like furys) and blue eyes.


Eragon isn't that very social sometimes. He likes to fly when the full moon is out.Eragon prefures to be alone.He is shy towards other Light furys. He is NOT interested in girls. He is sort of scared of Striker by a little.But he can be brave,though.

He has died 4 times(and dragons only get 3 lives),but the fourth time he was perminantly dead. He is a loyal, brave dragon and was never a traitor.

He dosn't like Eragog(a copy name from Austin),pink,Astrid,Rock lee,new moon and Goku. He likes the moon,Shadow(he's not gay),flying at night,sleeping,food and eels scaring Night furys.


Eragon was found when Rockhand ran up a snowy mountain. She was siting on a bench that was on the mountain, when Eragon came out of the snow. Eragon followed her home and he gave Jasmine and Rockhand some spat up fish(he spit the fish up). When Eragon was going to be named, they were guessing until Jasmine thought of "Eragon". Jasmine asked Eragon if he liked the name, and he shook his head.

The first time Eragon died was when dragon-eating clowns killed him, Jasmine killed all the cown and Eragon died. I don't remember how he died the second time. The third time he died was the day the DS team met Astrid and Hiccup. Later in the day, Astrid and Hiccup and their dragons attacked, and they captured Night. Jasmine build a ship-like thing and they got to the viking's island. They got Night back while setting alot of dragons free. But while they were escaping with all the dragons Night was about to be shot, eragon killed the guy who was about to shoot her but he was shot.

The fourth time Eragon died(his real full name is Eragonie) was because he lost his tail fins, wings were injured but he couldn't fly anyway(because of his lost tail fins).He knew he was gonna die anyway so he decided that he was gonna die.And so he jumped off a cliff. And he'll never come back again.

Eragonie the Light fury.

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