Selena is Chance's owner.

Chance the mix fury

Chance was given to Selena by Rockhand. Chance is a Mix Fury.
Chance hates Shadow, Devil Furys, pink, and windy days.
Chance likes Night, fish, Shadow dead and eels scaring Night furys.
Chance complains and whines when he doesn't get what he want's.
He can get cranky sometimes, but he still somehow gets along with Selena. Gender Male
(because most Mix Fury's tempt to be cranky)
History Status Dead(revived)
One of the first times they saw Chance was when Selena,
Rockhand and Jasmine were flying their dragons. Chance saved Night Family ?
from a Red Death(Ofcoarse shadow was jealous). And thats when Shadow-
's and Chance's rivally started. Than later on Selena and Chance were cap- Diet Almost Anything
tured by the hidra, and Chance was killed.


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